CEO Message

Dear customers, I give you a sincere welcome to our website, Road Korea Co., Ltd.

We are the first venture business of Korea Expressway Corporation that tried spin-out technology when they started outsourcing the work of examination and analysis on expressway pavement in August, 2003.

The executives and staff members are composed of professional personnel that have stored up their professional knowledge and know-hows as they carried out road pavement managing tasks such as PMS for a long time.

We try our best to grow to be the no.1 professional consulting business in the road pavement field, so we established a local branch in the Philippines in 2014 to break into the overseas technology market.

In addition, we've just buckled down the maintenance of road pavement and facilities based on the technology and know-hows we have developed, and are constantly extending our business to related areas such as traffic, ITS, and MMS.

Dear customers, we, as the executives and staff of Road Korea Co., Ltd. promise you that we would provide advanced technologies and differentiated services for you as we consider "Trust" our best value.

So, we ask for your unchanging support and wish you all the best.

Thank you.

CEO Jung, Chul Ki